Book Summary

Police sirens roar through the streets. The moon is full and a man lurks in the shadows. The man holds a gun to his side and moves through an alley, his trench coat flapping in the wind.

He pauses a moment and thinks about the massacre of his family. At ten years old, he murdered his first man trying to avenge them—a second man escaped. The sirens become louder. He moves forward; the wind whips his face.

Since that day, he has been a growing terror. Haunted by the past, while fueled by corruption, he has terrorized the city in gangland violence. Robbery and murder has been his common lot. He watches a political figure get into a car; but tonight, he will face his past. Tonight, he will face the man who set up his family. He slides one in the chamber.

Tonight, he will kill again. . . . He will hold a city in fear and give his testimony.


—The Testimony of a Villain